I asked my true love to be mine,
And to be mine alone.
As soon win gold from sand, she said,
Or see a star at noon.

I went into the forest wild,
And there a felled oak lay.
I looked up to the sky, but there
An eagle took its prey.

I walked into a field of wheat,
But all I threshed was sand.
I plucked a flower from the rose,
But the thorn bit my hand.

I stepped into a paradise,
But all was snow and frost.
I found a jewel on the road,
But all I had I lost.

I saw a hill walk from the sea
And swallow the bright wheat.
I saw the sun fall from the sky
And the moon break with it.

I asked my true love to be mine.
As soon the salt sea land.
But all the dream foretold is true,
And the knife in my hand.


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